Taking care of all your dental hygiene needs

The clinic is staffed by Registered Dental Hygienists with expanded skills.

Dental Hygiene Assessment

During your initial dental hygiene exam with us, we will gather information about your current and previous health and dental histories. The initial exam will consist of an intra-oral exam on both hard and soft tissues to determine whether any anomalies exist.

A periodontal assessment will also be done to determine the health of the teeth and supporting surrounding structures to give us a better idea on how to properly care for you and your smile.

Once the dental hygiene assessment is complete we will work together to establish goals and select individualized interventions that will help you to achieve and maintain your goals for optimal oral health.

If the initial assessment warrants another dental or healthcare professional’s attention, the appropriate referral will be made.

Dental Hygiene Scaling

The dental hygiene scaling or "cleaning" is the removal of any tartar (hard deposits) also known as calculus that adheres to the tooth surface that cannot be simply brushed away by you with the mechanical use of a toothbrush. Both plaque (soft deposits) and calculus (hard deposits) play a role in periodontal disease and removal of these deposits are key to optimal oral health.

The removal of calculus (hard deposits) can be done by either traditional hand instruments or in combination with an ultrasonic scaler called a Cavitron. Many patients prefer the use of the Cavitron to hand scaling as they find it more comfortable.

If during your appointment you experience discomfort we can apply a gel called Oraqix to the tissue, which will numb the area for up to 20 minutes. Oraqix is a completely needle-free application.

Mobile Dental Hygiene

Dynamic Dental Hygiene Clinic now provides mobile dental hygiene care to clients in the comfort of their home, long­-term or special care facility, work, school, daycare or other suitable location. Do you, or does someone you love, require dental hygiene care but have mobility issues and cannot get out for regular dental cleanings or check-­ups?

We bring the cleaning to you! With the use of our self­-contained mobile dental hygiene unit it makes getting your teeth cleaned easier than ever, even in the comfort of your own home!

Dental Prophylaxis and Stain Removal

Dental Prophylaxis, better known as polishing, is done once scaling has been completed. This is achieved by using a slow speed hand-piece and rubber cup attachment with some gritty paste to remove any surface stain and remaining soft deposits.

Stain that can be removed by simple polishing is called extrinsic stain (on the tooth surface). Stain inside the tooth itself is called intrinsic stain. The only ways to “remove” this type of stain is to cover the tooth with a dental restoration or internal bleaching undertaken by your dentist.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments can be extremely beneficial in helping to prevent tooth decay. A low dose of fluoride is found in most toothpastes and mouth rinses. In our office we use foam or varnish fluoride, which is a more concentrated dose for better prevention of tooth decay and sensitivity. You will benefit from fluoride for a few reasons and the product we select for you will be based on your individualized needs.

Application of Desensitizing Agents

Do you have tooth sensitivity? Many people do and you may benefit from the application of desensitizing agents. Desensitizing agents work by either occluding the dentinal tubules or by reducing the flow of liquid in the tubules between the dentin and the pulp.

Tooth sensitivity can be caused by many contributing factors such as gingival recession, loss of enamel, enamel loss due to erosion (acidic foods), abrasion (aggressive brushing) or abfraction (grinding/clenching).

There is an in-office treatment available which is applied as a varnish to help prevent and control sensitivity.


A sealant is a preventative dental treatment where a material is placed in the deep grooves of the molar and premolar teeth. The sealant is a protective barrier against cavities, it essentially "seals" out any food and plaque debris.

Sealants can last several years before reapplication is needed.

Tooth Whitening


Tooth whitening, also known as bleaching, is a procedure in which the teeth are whitened beyond their present shade. There are many factors that contribute to discoloration of teeth over time, accumulation of surface stains from foods, tobacco products, and age.

There are many products available to help enhance the appearance of your smile. We utilize the Iveri Whitening System.

Iveri Whitening is done in the office and uses a concentrated blend of professional strength Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide to deliver whitening results quickly with the use of a BLUE/RED LED light. Potassium Nitrate, a key ingredient in Iveri Whitening gel, has been proven to virtually eliminate teeth sensitivity. And unlike other teeth whitening products, the Iveri gel uses Xylitol which not only sweetens the solution but more notably keeps your teeth hydrated throughout the whitening process. The BLUE LED light activates the Iveri gel and starts to breakdown the peroxide immediately to speed up the whitening process, the RED LED light stimulates gum tissue to help prevent/heal possible irritation/blanching.

For best results it's recommended to have the teeth professionally cleaned prior to whitening treatments.

Tooth Crystal Application


Are you looking to add a little extra sparkle to your smile for a wedding, graduation, a special trip or another important event? Brio is dental jewelry that we fix onto the enamel surface of your tooth. Brio dental jewelry is part of a new trend in fashion and is safe and painless. Brios do not damage the teeth. They may be applied within less than five minutes without the use of local anaesthetics. Brio may be permanent or temporary. A dental professional will remove the jewellery, damage-free in seconds if you desire. Originally from Europe, this new trend is becoming more and more popular here in North America. Brios are constructed with the finest Austrian Swarovski crystals.